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Welcome to the LWA Data Archive

Here you will be able to access the data and metadata archives of the Long Wavelength Array. This page also provides access to the maps from the LWA1 Low Frequency Sky Survey.


We operate three data archives of LWA data. The main data archive indexes beamformed data while the pulsar archive is dedicated to storing reduced pulsar observations. We also provide an archive for all of the images generated by the Prototype All-Sky Imager running at LWA-1.


In addition to data products, we also archive various metadata products that describe the state of the system during any given observation. This metadata include the station static MIB initialization file (SSMIF) that fully describes the signal paths.

The LWA1 Low Frequency Sky Survey

The LWA1 Low Frequency Sky Survey maps can be found at this location. This page also hosts our updated model of the radio sky: the Low Frequency Sky Model.

Local Ionospheric Weather

The local ionospheric weather page provides current ionospheric conditions over the LWA1 and LWA-SV sites.

PASI Fireball Movies

Here you will find movies from PASI showing the self-emission from the plasma trails of bright meteors. This emission was first reported in Obenberger et al. (2014).


For working with LWA data we provide the LWA Software Library (LSL) which works with both raw and archived (reduced) data. We also provide data reduction tutorials for LSL.

VLSS Bright Source Calculator

The VLSS Bright Source Spectral Calculator can be used to estimate the flux density of a variety of calibrator sources at various frequencies.

More Information

More information about the LWA can be found on the main project page. This page also contains information about proposing to use the telescope. For information about specific observations, see the LWA observation database.

Partner Institutions

The LWA Project includes several institutions. The founding LWA members are the University of New Mexico, the Los Alamos National Laboratory in partnership with the Naval Research Laboratory. Virginia Tech and University of Iowa joined the LWA Project in July 2007 and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory joined in September 2008.

  • University of New Mexico
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • University of Iowa
  • Virginia Tech
  • Los Alamos National Lab
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory